Harry Moroz is an editor/voice actor/comedian who has been a part of the national comedy scene for decades. As a stand up, he performed in Riot LA, SF Sketchfest, Desert Hearts Festival, Gilda’s LaughFest, Laughing Skull Festival, Laugh Your Asheville Off, and Beast Village (amongst others). He also co-produced Crane’s Comedy Night, one of Los Angeles’ longest running comedy shows.

Harry’s work has appeared on Disney, Adult Swim, Max, Netflix, and Amazon. His voice can be heard in Cartoon Network’s Tig n’ Seek, YouTube Red’s Do You Want To See a Dead Body?, and  LOL Network’s Campus Law.

He began his editing career in live action comedy, cutting the trailer for season 7 of Childrens Hospital, then advancing to larger projects like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Drive Share. For the last several years, Harry has been editing animation shows (Tig n’ Seek, Bugs Bunny Builders) and the feature Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie!

Harry also animates independent shorts that look like maybe they should be for children, but he assures you they are not.