Are You Ready to be a Medical Marijuana Prescribing Doctor?

Hello! If you’re able to read this without the assistance of 1″ thick lenses in your glasses, you may be overqualified. But if you’re reading this aloud, then do we have the opportunity for you!


Many professionals in the medical field simply retire when they’ve been forced into resignation due to old age. That is NOT us. We in the medical marijuana industry have always followed the golden (aged) rule to respect your elders, and WE want YOU to continue contributing to the medical community!

There are many sick individuals, known lovingly as individu-ills, out there suffering from migraines, insomnia, loss of appetite, being a square, too picky a taste in music, not enjoying movies as much, and cancer. That’s where you come in to SAVE THEIR LIVES. Who knows, they may even start calling you Dr. Hero!

We are looking for some of the finest doctors to diagnose and prescribe treatment for these patients. Do you miss working? And do you fit the following criteria:

-You are too old to have coherent conversation with patients.
-Your signature looks sloppy even by doctor signature standards.
-You started practicing medicine before the lab coat was invented.
-You’re not fully aware of what’s going on around you.
-You remember (or at least were practicing medicine when) anesthesia wasn’t necessary for surgery.
-You don’t understand today’s youth and would enjoy saying things like, “Give this to the young people up there, I don’t know what they do.”
-You just don’t give a shit anymore, but need something to do to feel a sense of worth.

Does that sound like you? If so, then YOU sound like you’re one of US! Drive your Rascal scooter on down to our facility and you can get right to work. No new-fangled computers to deal with, just a constant slew of very, very ill people who need your help very, very much. Come to us and give your life meaning for one last shot (haha, no, you won’t be giving those either)!

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