AltClub Tour

I’ll be touring the west coast to the pacific northwest into the great white north and back down with my good buddy and longest comedy compatriot, Brenton Biddlecombe. See you at these shows.


Here are specific show links:

6/27 – Pancho’s (Manhattan Beach, CA) @9pm
6/28 – Punch Line (San Francisco, CA) @8pm
6/29 – Earthquake Hurricane (Portland, OR) @9pm
7/1 – Tacoma Comedy Club (Tacoma, WA) @8pm and 10:30pm
7/1 – Super Secret Stand-Up Show (Seattle, WA) @11:59pm
7/2 – Comedy on Trial Presents: Harry Moroz & Brenton Biddlecombe (Seattle, WA) @9pm
7/3 – Control Yourself (Portland, OR) @9pm
7/4 – Eight 1/2 Inches (Vancouver, B.C.) @9pm
7/5 – Kings Head (Vancouver, B.C.) @9pm

7/6 – The Comedy Mix (Vancouver, B.C.) @8:30pm
7/6 – Cords Comedy (Vancouver, B.C.) @9pm
7/7 – Lemon Party! (Portland, OR) @8pm
7/8 – Best of San Francisco (San Francisco,CA) @8pm
7/8 – Night Moves (San Francisco, CA) @11:59pm
7/9 – The Setup (San Francisco, CA) @7:45pm
7/10 – Crow’s Nest (Santa Cruz, CA) @9pm